1 “Tapestry” (TNG) with Jason Snell

Jason Snell, The Incomparable host and Star Trek fan, joins Scott to talk about the TNG episode Tapestry(S6E15).

Topics include Jason’s voyage to Star Trek fandom, to Q or not to Q, space casino games, the message of the episode, and much more.

You can stream this episode via Amazon or Netflix. You can purchase the Star Trek: TNG Season 6 Blu-ray set to watch this episode in glorious HD.

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One thought on “1 “Tapestry” (TNG) with Jason Snell”

  1. Long time listener, first time caller, love the show.

    Maybe my favorite thing about this episode–and I love this episode–is that Ron Moore took a throwaway detail from the 2nd season’s Samaritan Snare, which is not a very good episode at all, and spun gold from it. That’s where the story about the bar fight came from, and specifically the detail about laughing. Wesley asks why Picard laughed, and his answer (as I recall) was, “I don’t know.” (I could go back and watch to get the full dialogue, but…Pakleds…blerg…)

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