“Indiscretion” (DS9) with John Siracusa

John Siracusa, of ATP and Incomparable note, joins Scott to talk about DS9’s Indiscretion (S4E5). Scott explains the deal with Deep Space Nine, John questions the central premise, and some parallels to Star Wars are identified.

The end of this episode features a Random Trek theme song written and performed by listener Adam Sakellarides. Thanks,Adam!

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2 thoughts on ““Indiscretion” (DS9) with John Siracusa”

  1. I absolutely love your show but man what a horrible guest. Easily the worst you have had so far. Barely joined the discussion and sounded completely disinterested when he spoke. I hate to be rude but I almost quit the episode halfway in.

    1. I’m glad you’re enjoying the show!

      And it is ok to not like every guest, or every episode of the podcast for that matter! Feel free to stop/skip episodes as you like.

      John is a great guy, but Deep Space Nine is a little out of his usual scope. 🙂

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