“Rivals” (DS9) with Anthony Pascale

Anthony Pascale, the man behind TrekMovie.com, joins Scott to talk about DS9’s “Rivals” (S2E11). Topics include the finer points of space racquet ball, Prince Humperdink, how pressing a button on an orb makes not a compelling casino game, and what Sisko does when he is alone in his office.

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“Minefield” (ENT) with Matthew Yglesias

Matthew Yglesias, executive editor of Vox, joins Scott to discuss Minefield (ENT, S2E4). Among the topics discussed include Matt’s crazy Trek lists, why no one on the Enterprise seems capable of doing anything, and what’s the deal with those crazy complicated mines anyway?

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“Starship Mine” (TNG) with Jordan Cooper

Jordan Cooper, host of the Tech Douchebags podcast, joins Scott to have some small talk about “Starship Mine” (TNG S6EP18).

We discuss Capt. Picard’s fake horse-riding affinity, Tuvok’s shady past, why Geordi is the only hungry officer, and how to get out of attending a funeral when you’re a Starfleet Captain.

If you enjoyed this episode you might enjoy the episode of Tech Douchebags I was on: The Book Hoarder.

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“Sleeping Dogs” (ENT) with Lex Friedman

Lex Friedman, famous for not having seen it, being Daily, Rebounding, and Turning a Car Around, joins Scott to talk about Sleeping Dogs (Enterprise S1E14). Scott expresses mild shock and then major regret after learning that this episode is the first Star Trek episode Lex has ever seen (spoiling: Sleeping Dogs is not a great first Star Trek experience). We determine that T’Pal is a Vulcan, Hoshi is better than the Universal Translator, and ponder just how badly it smelled on that Klingon ship.

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