“Where No Man Has Gone Before” (TOS) with Katrina Griffiths

Katrina Griffiths, of the Verity Podcast, joins Scott to discuss the second Star Trek TOS pilot: Where No Man Has Gone Before (TOS S1E1 or 3). 60’s contact lenses, Creepy Gary Mitchell transforming into Creepier Gary Mitchell, and the fate of Dr. Dehner are all covered.

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Watch for yourself:

One thought on ““Where No Man Has Gone Before” (TOS) with Katrina Griffiths”

  1. I’ve been listening to your podcast for a month or two now, and enjoying it. I just listened to your last podcast on Where no man has gone before. I’ve been watching Star Trek since I was a kid and that’s a long time, I’ve probably seen every episode of the original series about a dozen times, so I know the series pretty well. I just wanted to clear up a couple of errors, at the start of the episode they pretty much say that the “probe” as you called it was actually the Valiants ship recorder, It says Valiant right on it on it, your cohost, Katrina Griffiths said she even watched it twice. Every time you said Dehner you pronounced Donner, it’s like saying Dana with an er at the end. I know you your podcast in a very tongue and cheek way, and I enjoy the show but this just stuck out to me and I wanted to say something. Keep up the good work, I’ll keep listening to keep ya honest 😉

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