“The Catwalk” (ENT) with Katie Floyd

Katie Floyd, a Mac Power User, joins Scott to discuss “The Catwalk” (ENT S2E12). Topics include visceral reactions to the very existence of Enterprise (and the reboot movies), how great the Star Trek novels are, Porthos as the strongest character, water polo and iPad usage in the future.

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3 thoughts on ““The Catwalk” (ENT) with Katie Floyd”

  1. I know it may feel like poor form, but whenever possible, I do hope you do all 2+ parter stories as single podcasts.

    With DS9 you already risk being fairly hard to follow…

    Sorry, if you’ve heard this too many times already.

    Fun podcast; poor Enterprise, such beautiful lighting but such flat characters. Your show inspired me to re-watch the last season, which really is much more watchable.

    1. That’s not poor form at all! And all 2 parters are doing to be discussed together. The wrinkle comes when you consider DS9 with the occasional 6 part episode. That’s a lot to ask of someone!

      1. Certainly, but I was thinking more of those looser multi-part stories (E.g. “The Forge” -> “Awakening” -> “Kir’Shara”). DS9 does make it a bit more difficult though, true.

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