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“The Devil in the Dark” with Collin Donnell

Collin Donnell, developer, twitterer, and brank hacker joins Scott to discuss one of the most iconic TOS episodes: The Devil in the Dark (S1E26). Door opening procedures, appropriate miner garb, Phaser 1 and Phaser 2, and basic mining colony administration tips are all discussed. Plus, the devil isn’t who you think it is (or is it? It isn’t).

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“The Squire of Gothos” with Steven Schapansky

Steven Schapansky, of Radio Free Skaro and the newly launched Lazy Dr. Who, joins Scott to chat about the TOS classic: “The Squire of Gothos” (TOS S1E17)). They discuss the crazy amount of paperwork Starfleet requires, the power of mirrors, and the differences between early Dr. Who and early Star Trek.

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Remembering Leonard Nimoy

Leonard Nimoy, Spock, died on Feb. 27th. On this special episode of Random Trek Scott is joined by a number of past guests who share their thoughts about Spock and their favorite Spock moment.

Scott’s guests are:


If you liked this episode you should check out The Incomparable 236: “Lived Long and Prospered.”

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The movies/episodes mentioned:

Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan (Netflix | Bluray)
Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home (Netflix | Bluray)
Amok Time (TOS) (Netflix | Amazon | Bluray)
Unification Part 2 (TNG) (Netflix | Amazon | Bluray)
The Devil in the Dark (Netflix | Amazon | Bluray)
The Doomsday Machine (TOS) (Netflix | Amazon | Bluray)
Operation — Annihilate! (TOS) (Netflix | Amazon | Bluray)

“Where No Man Has Gone Before” (TOS) with Katrina Griffiths

Katrina Griffiths, of the Verity Podcast, joins Scott to discuss the second Star Trek TOS pilot: Where No Man Has Gone Before (TOS S1E1 or 3). 60’s contact lenses, Creepy Gary Mitchell transforming into Creepier Gary Mitchell, and the fate of Dr. Dehner are all covered.

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“I, Mudd” (TOS) with Monty Ashely

Monty Ashely, Incomparable panelist and Internet writer, joins Scott to talk about The Original Serie’s second Harry Mudd episode: I, Mudd (S2E12). Uniforms, the concept of computers (and if the Star Trek writers have any idea how they work), and Kirk taking the law in his own hands are all discussed.

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“Errand of Mercy” with Erika Ensign

Erika Ensign, frequent Incomparable panelist and Hugo nominated (!) Verity Podcast member, classes up the joint with Scott to discuss the TOS episode Errand of Mercy.

What’s the deal with the blue jumpsuited man Scott is obsessed with? How come every Klingon doesn’t get a sash? And is Captain Kirk a warrior, explorer, lover or all of the above?

Watch this episode via YouTube, Hulu, Amazon, Netflix, or Bluray.

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2 “By Any Other Name” (TOS) with Dan Moren

Dan Moren of The Incomparable and Not Playing fame joins Scott to talk about Random Trek’s first Original Series episode: By Any Other Name (S2E21).

The Galactic Barrier will be breached as topics such as Kirk’s worthiness as a captain and the difficulty of acting as though you’re frozen are discussed.

You can stream this episode via Amazon or Netflix. You can purchase the Star Trek: TOS Season 2 Blu-ray set to watch this episode in glorious HD.

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